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In multi-level marketing or direct selling companies, choosing a suitable and best MLM compensation plan is a tricky deal. Although there exist many plans in the industry, decision making on picking best compensation plans needs to consider many factors.


Marketing in an MLM business model indicates the selling part, and compensations are the rewards for a sale from Personal Sales Volume (PSV) or Group Sales Volume (GSV). Usually, compensations are provided as commissions or bonuses. Commissions are provided based on PSV and bonuses for GSV or group efforts.

Each type of compensation plan does have a unique compensation structure. However, an MLM company mostly has a hybrid compensation structure i.e. multiple plans are used. Thus the same commissions/bonuses can be seen in different plans.

There are many types of compensations, and here are some of the most popular compensations supported in the Epixel compensation engine. We also support custom compensation plans as per the requirements of the direct sales company.

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