Communicate with customers more effectively throughout their lifecycle

Provide timely, personalized information through SMS-based alerts, reminders, notifications, invites, one-time-passcodes (OTPs) and other automated messages directly from websites or mobile applications. Experience increased user engagement, satisfaction rates, customer lifetime values (CLV) and faster growth.

How SMS Works

High Quality, Direct-To-Carrier Routes

Connects directly to hundreds of carriers around the world and employs a waterfall approach across multiple routes to help ensure the highest delivery and conversion rates.

Long Message Support

Separates SMS message over 160 characters based on device type and operator requirements and sends it to the user’s handset with instructions to reassemble the message back in the correct order as one SMS.

Advanced Phone Number Cleansing

Properly formats phone number entered by end-user to ensure greater global delivery.

Smart Message Splitting

When splitting a long SMS message, it prevents the breaking of critical pieces of information, such as urls and email addresses, to ensure messages are delivered and viewed as intended.

Open Source iOS Mobile App Verification Sample Code

Utilize pre-built iOS verification code which contains end-to-end best practices flow for mobile app verifications. Verify iOS users via clickable SMS applinks. (Android mobile app verification through App Verify)

URL Shortener & Activity Tracking

A free service that shortens long URLs into fewer characters to make links easier to send via SMS. Save valuable characters for calls-to-action and gain insight into end-user behavior with activity tracking of click-throughs and conversions.

Compliance Support

Utilize free regulatory assistance to mitigate Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) risks and adhere to worldwide content compliance.

Reliable Global Coverage

Provide the most coverage and ensure message receipt and delivery to users in 87 countries and territories. Make sure your users are connected, wherever they are.

Waterfall Failover System

Automatic fallback applied via dynamic routing to secondary provider in the event delivery failed over first provider, ensuring highest delivery and completion rates.

Opt-Out Management

Set up TeleSign SenderIDs for automated management of SMS opt-out requests.

Inbound SMS For Interactive Two-Way Communications

Send and receive global text messages to listen, engage and provide support to customers. *This feature requires an additional transaction fee and is not available in all markets. Contact TeleSign for specific availability.

Manage Your SMS Campaigns (Beta)

Build and distribute targeted SMS campaigns through a dynamic dashboard with convenient messaging templates and access to detailed reporting and statistics on delivery status.

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